Changing $rtname

Hi RTUsers,

I have to change the $rtname for my Request Tracker. The says

… once you start using a given tag, you should probably
never change it …

… now: How can I change it?

Background: The RT should be used for multiple domains, thus
the domain name isn’t suitable anymore …




As per pervious discussion on the list (in 2000) I wanted to change
$rtname to shorten the tag on each email. The previous discussion
suggests that it can just be changed and all will be well.

However this seems to cause authentication to stop working.
Even removing all cookies and restarting the browser doesn’t help.

Now if I have a superuser session running when I stop and start httpd then
I can still go in and reset the password of my test user, presumably using
the stored cookie.

This test user is then able to log in successfully.

So I have a workaround - if I make my test user a superuser and apply this
bodge, I can then go round and reset the passwords of all my other users,
but I’m now worried about what else might break.

I don’t care anything about the existing tickets in the database, they’re
just test, but I don’t really want to go round recreating all the ACLs,
Users, Scrips, Groups etc.

Any advice?



I managed to answer my own question - it was the mod_perl caching.
Moving the WebRT/data directory sideways and restarting httpd managed to
cure the problem.