Changing ownership when you're not the owner

My boss just came to me with an issue, that I remember seeing on the list.
We had someone leave, and thus his rt account was disabled. But he still
had tickets assigned to him. My boss wanted to reassign tickets and came
to me saying, “Why don’t I have the permisison to reassign tickets?”. I
explained to him what had come up on the list before, and he was OK with

But then I went through and did the following:

enable the user
search for all tickets owned by the user that are unresolved
do "update all these tickets at once"
used the “Make Owner” field to change the owner to “Nobody”, and clicked
the “force change” button, and submitted.

and it worked! So now my boss can go to the tickets owned by "nobody"
which he does (or should do) periodically anyway, and delegate those

I mention it here because I remember it came up a short while ago, and the
resolution was “it can’t be done”. Alhtough I just upgraded to rt2, so
perhaps it’s a new feature? At any rate, thought people should know.

Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University