Changing $Organisation in, how?

Since bug Login is far from being resolved by developers I’m looking for a workaround.

The obvious workaround would be changing $Organisation in to something simpler.

How to do that but not break any ticket links/references?

I see $Organisation references in “Links” sql table (that is easy to modify). Anywhere else ?

Hi Arkadiusz

You should be able to use rt-validator to change the links in your db.

Take a look at: rt-validator - RT 5.0.4 Documentation - Best Practical , specifically the “links-only” option.

Let me know if this works for you.



What I did earlier is to change things manually:

UPDATE Links SET Target=REPLACE(Target, ....);
UPDATE Transactions SET NewValue=REPLACE(NewValue, ...) WHERE ObjectType='RT::Ticket' AND NewValue LIKE '%   ...   %';
UPDATE Transactions SET OldValue=REPLACE(OldValue, ...) WHERE ObjectType='RT::Ticket' AND OldValue LIKE '%   .... %';

And now used rt-validator to check if something is incorrect. Looks like my “manual” changing of links worked fine.