Changing my configuration; change in RT name didn't take? or Maybe it did?

OK, I have RT installed on my Mac OS X Server. I am in the midst of
trying to get a very simple RT set up going: i.e just the one queue I
am trying to get things set up
to adjust for the fact that my machine is hosting too many domains at
the moment. When I set it up I just used my domain e.g. since that’s the virtual domain where I’m running
the server, but I really want all the email to come and go from and as far as an identification message something as
simple [Example #1] or even [Ex #1] would be best, as shorter allows
the subject content prominence. So I changed $rtname in my Site
config. But
nothing changed when I sent an email.

What do I have to do to make the change. Also, is there something
special I need to do so that my url subdomain
and my mail domain are used as I want them to be used. Is
there some sort of update command I have to issue after I change the
configuration? Do I have to load changes in mysql by reloading somehow?

BTW I did take a look at the Wiki and also some of the University web
sites on RT. I noticed in the FAQ the suggestion that requests for
assistance include various info; perl version, rt-verions, etc. Is
there a script that will product this? I can type uname easy enough
and I know that I just installed rt-3.4.4. But the cli command ‘rt
version’ just gives the version of the command line interface rt
0.02, not full version info for RT.

Josh Kuperman