Changing hostname/IP and broken HTML

Hi folks,

I’m having two problems which may or may not be related…

The basics:
RT 2.0.9
Solaris 8
Perl 5.6.1
Apache 1.3.22
MySQL 3.23.44

First, through no decision of my own, I just had to change the
hostname and IP address of this machine. After doing this, I
went through my whole RT install and searched for any mention of
the old hostname and changed it anywhere it turned up. Ditto for
Apache and MySQL (although I know very little about MySQL). Things
seem to be working fine, but I wanted to ask here and see if there
is any issue with this that I might have overlooked. Anyone done
this before?

Now the real problem…I think this might have just started when
I made the hostname change, but I really can’t confirm that for sure.
Anyway, when I bring up my login screen, the HTML that is returned
is not complete…there is no or tags at the end,
which causes some browsers to hang. You can hit Stop and the the
page is fine, but I need to figure out what’s going on. This only
happens on the login screen…all other pages load fine. I will
attach a copy of the index.html that it gives me.

Thanks for any help with this!!!

Steve Gilbert
80/20 Software Tools

index.html (2.19 KB)