Changes in RT5 email notifications

I have a question regarding configuration changes for RT5 as it relates to sending mail. In 4.4.4 email notifications showed the default friendly name (name via RT). After upgrading to RT5, it started to show the queue name in the from field instead. I found a couple other threads where other users had the same issue and the thread seem to die after someone questions how their mail server was handling it. However, I have been experimenting in a test environment and discovered something. I restored a recent backup of my 5 server and did a test and it send the mail with the queue name. I then restored a copy of my 4.4.4 server from last year prior to the upgrade and did a test and the mail sent showed the friendly name as it is supposed to be (user via RT). If my Exchange server is changing it from the RT5 server, something in RT is causing it to change as the test showed it works fine from 4.4.4. I looked at the mail headers from the message coming from the RT5 server and do see ‘user via RT’ there so something with the way it is being sent is causing Exchange to change it. I will do some more experimenting and comparing the config files between the two server to see if there are other differences that might point to a cause.