Change RT logging from /var/log/messages

Hi all:

RHEL4 RT 3.6.1

Have the install working. Tickets are coming and going fine.
But, every ticket submitted is logged in the /var/log/messages file.

I would like to create a separate log file for the RT activity.

Do I modify the syslog.conf file or is there another way?
If I modify the syslog.conf file, what modifications?


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I would like to create a separate log file for the RT activity.


Have a look in RT_Config and find the entries related to logging. Paste
those lines into your RT_SiteConfig and have a go at changing them. You
can definitely specify and separate log for RT. I believe you’ll have to
‘touch’ the file before RT will start writing to it. (Could be wrong
about that.) Good luck.


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