Change quoting in forwarded tickets?

Let’s say that we have a customer contact "". They get an email from, and forward it to our rt-email gateway address.

The email body will then look something like this:

Greetings Ipsum,

I'm forwarding this to's support department, they will follow
up with you shortly.



> On Jun 29, 2017, at 3:49 PM, wrote:
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> senserit. Pri ne molestie theophrastus. In mea omittantur voluptatibus,
> suscipit ponderum mediocritatem nec id. Per meis pertinacia id. Sit
> aperiam officiis interesset eu, in duo putent probatus, eu amet
> appellantur efficiantur sea. Propriae facilisi salutatus mea in. Eam ad
> amet debet bonorum, inimicus voluptatum ei his.

Internally, RT will then hide any text that is marked as quoted with ‘>’ characters … i.e. everything written by For replies generated by RT, this is the right thing to do, but for information forwarded to RT, this means that text that RT has never seen will be hidden in a way that users of RT are accustomed to ignoring.

I’m wondering if anyone has run across this, and has a way of changing the way that forwarded messages are quoted, so that they will be properly displayed.

Update – I looked at one of the tickets that I was having problems with – it was a reply, not a forward … that complicates issues.

Per a conversation with @Keith_Creasy, I’ve created a scrip that will copy the transaction content into a custom field called Problem. The action code is in the wiki under ‘CopyContentToCf’.