Change lifecycle approvals into default

Hi, I was trying to change lifecycle ‘approvals’ on my two Queues into ‘default’ because I can not change ticket between these two lifecycles , this is what i tried , I added this in right before lifecycle definition (where it originaly was before editing) also i heard somewhere maps should be outside lifecycle which it is in this case.
RT 4.0.7

Code i entered


maps => {
‘approvals -> default’ => {

       'new' => 'new',

‘open’ => ‘open’,
‘stalled’ => ‘stalled’,
‘resolved’ => ‘resolved’,
‘rejected’ => ‘rejected’,
‘deleted’ => ‘deleted’,
# …
# …

This still doesn’t work I get same message that there are no mappings between Queues (which are in different lifecycles)

any help appreciated
thank you