Change in source code


Good Day, I am writing because we are testing with RT to begin to implement
it in the company, but we are looking at the possibility of using code to
change the arrangement of the interface discharge of a new case. According
have identified the file to modify is located in the Ticket / create.html,
which we have made changes to the text, but to save the file or overwrite
the file and enter the RT implementing the modifications made are not

So what we want to see if they can guide us in how is the proper way to make
changes to the code and see it reflected in the web interface of RT, and if
there is any way to bind options for a custom field with a field other than
custom and preset at RT.

In advance thank you, we wait for your reply.

Greetings !!

Hi Mark,

excellent can already see the changes reflected.

Thanks, Greetings !!De: Marcos Orallo []
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Para: Marisol Rojas
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Hi Marisol,

It sounds like you didn’t delete the Mason cache, usually in /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj.
You can follow the instructions here:

Also, to prevent your changes to be overwritten by RT updates in the future, you would probably want to implement your changes as a local file.
You have to copy Create.html from /opt/rt4/share/html/Ticket/ to /opt/rt4/local/share/html/Ticket/

RT will always load the local files instead of the default ones. More info here: