Change Customer Name

Hi All,

I changed a customer name in XYZ only my colluegues would like to see ABC as example.
How can I change that? Tried it via the GUI but when I try that Service Now wouldn’t work.

Should I change it in the database or something?

Kind regards,

Hans Kans

Is this for Request Tracker or some other software?

If this is for ServiceNow rather than RT, they have their own support forum. Good luck with that (recovering ServiceNow user here!).

No guys, this is for RT.
What I would like to see if I enter customer name X I would like to see it in Z as text.

OK, so when you say “customer name” do you mean the requestor’s full name or username or something else?

It’s the field “Customer Name”.
Its not “ABC” and I wanna edit it in XYZ without losing/editing the config/system files.

So is “Customer Name” a local custom field you’ve defined? Its not a standard RT field name.

maybe some screen grabs would help?

See image I added it

The list of values in the main picture are what generate the options in the second picture - they are the potential values that the drop down can take.

When you say “ServiceNow won’t work” what do you mean? Are you linking RT to ServiceNow somehow so need to keep the values available in sync?