CC Permissions

Hi All. New user here (and loving RT, BTW!) so be forewarned :wink:

Here’s the problem I am having. I have the general queue set up and
working fine, except for one point. I have a Ticket that is has a
requestors (lalford and masyler) and a cc (ahooks).

I have Global group rights set up (amongst permissions, none of which
should conflict. No queue permissions at all, so I’m guess that doesn’t
conflict?!?!) as follows:

Requestor: CommentOnTicket, ReplyToTicket

OK. Here’s the problem. Requestors can reply to the ticket, and all
works fine (the reply is recorded), HOWEVER, Ccs get a permission denied

Anyone have any ideas? I’m running 2.0.8, BTW. If there’s any further
info I can give to help diagnose (or fix) this problem, I’ll be glad to

Bruce Tenison