Cc certain addresses on ticket creation based on custom field


I’ve searched and haven’t found quite what I was looking for so I’m looking for a bit of guidance here. The scenario is this…

I have 2 queues - Maintenance and Technology. These queues will handle all of the requests for our entire district. I have created custom fields for Building and Room. So based upon what Building the request is for I will want it to alert the head of that building. For example, our HS principal does not want to be notified. He will login and look at the queue. Our MS and Elem principals would like an email when the tickets are created. What I’m attempting here is for upon ticket creation if the building is xyz then email bob and if building is zyx or zzz then email suzy and if building is aaa, bbb, ccc, or ddd then just go about it like I never inserted this code.

I’m using 3.8.2-releng if it makes any difference.



Use a CF to specify the school, and the existing contributions to
notify based on CF.

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