Cases for RTIR over Ubersmith support manager

Hi Folks,

The organization I work for has recently licensed Ubersmith DE to manage
customers and their services. Currently they are using RT (only) for
customer communication and Abuse handling. I just came on board here and
want to move towards RTIR but I’m having a little trouble coming up with
cases to go with RTIR over Ubersmith Support Manager. The Ubersmith DE
instance is not in production yet.

Management wants to use less tools and centralize things which is

I’m worried that my preference for RTIR is merely sentimental and due to
familiarity. I don’t really have all the details on how incoming mail
that’s not from a customer’s email address gets handled in Ubersmith. I
assume it comes in and creates a ticket that is not associated with an
account. Incident Reports could be merged and then split into a customer
facing ticket as an investigation.

The downfalls of this is the lack of clickables for IP addresses and URLs
to help consolidate evidence and link into existing Incident or
Investigations. Perhaps I can sell them on a hybrid approach since I don’t
know, offhand, how to integrate RTIR with Ubersmith’s records. Maybe
investigations would get emailed to Ubersmith to be linked to an account.

Does anyone have any comments I may not have thought of on why RTIR is
still better than Ubersmith for handing incident reports? It’s really
difficult to compare considering I don’t have all the workflow details with
Ubersmith and external reports.

Thanks for reading and any advice you can provide.

Landon Stewart