Case sensitivity in $rtname

The rtname specified in is handled in a case-sensitive manner by RT. That is, if your rtname is “” and someone replies to a ticket with “”, a new ticket gets created. This seems both counterproductive and unintuitive, especially since the norm seems to be to use a domain name, and those are case-insensitive.

Looking at the code in, I see:

if ( $Subject =~ s/[$test_name\s+#(\d+)\s*]//i ) {

My Perl is weak, but my (and some more Perl-enabled colleagues’) reading of it is that the trailing /i is supposed to make this case-insensitive. However, both the current behavior of RT (3.4.4) and some experimentation suggest to me that the /i is being ignored (note “suggest”: again, I may simply not be grokking in fullness).

Can anyone with better Perl skills suggest whether this is behaving as expected, and if not, how to easily correct it? I spent a while tinkering but succeeded only in breaking RT (yes, I’d saved the original and put it back).

Even if it is working as designed, can you suggest how to get it to do a case-insensitive comparison?