Capturing User Sign-Off

We are trying to capture an end user sign-off e-mail in RT. I have come
up with two potential ways of doing this:

  1. Creating a custom field of type “Link-values-to” that the RT user
    will enter the transaction id into that will then create a bookmarked
    link to the correct transaction in the ticket. This requires a simply
    URL fill in with the substitute id. The down side to using this is
    that it makes it harder to pull the sign-off data from SQL.

  2. Create a custom text template that the user would fill out and then
    e-mail to RT. A parsing script would then be written to parse the
    e-mail contents and update a custom field. The down side to using this
    method is that it depends on the end user correctly filling out and
    sending the template whereas the first method does not depend on this.

We also will have to create a custom script to disallow resolves when
this custom field is not filled in, but I really do not want to make
this a required custom field but a “required before resolve” custom
field. Has anyone dealt with this problem as well?


Tim Casada