Can't wipeout user (RT::User has too many dependencies)

I’m trying to wipeout specific user from my RT.
With the following command:
rt-shredder --plugin ‘Objects=User,453562’

And the error:
[97314] [Thu Jan 26 20:35:04 2023] [error]: RT::User-xxxxxx@yyyyy.zzz has too many dependencies (/opt/rt5/sbin/…/lib/RT/Shredder/

This user doesn’t have any tickets, I moved all tickets of the user to another one.
How I can check what are these dependencies?
How I can wipeout the user?

I tried to set
Set( $DependenciesLimit, 10000 );
It doesn’t help.

RT 5.0.3 on Debian and MariaDB.