Can't use html in ticket Create/Comment/Reply?

I wanted to arrange some text in the Create data on a ticket I’m
creating programmatically into a nice neat table, and so I created it
my $mimeObj = MIME::Entity->build(
Type => ‘text/html’,
Charset => ‘UTF-8’,
‘Message-Id’ => RT::Interface::email::GenMessageId,
Subject => “Change Request”,
Data => q?A Change Request has been submitted by RT Client1 ( for the following users
RT Client1 (
RT Client2 (
To make the following changes:

Add: Application 1 : Application One
Add: Application 2 : Application Two
Add: Application 3 : Application Three
Add: Mobile 1

and when I dump it using $mimeObj->stringify it still has the html in
it, and I use that $mimeObj in the Ticket->Create, but when it shows
up on the basic ticket display the html appears to have been stripped.
I’ve also tried putting tags around it, and it doesn’t help.