Can't login/Parameter are


I got a strange login bug. First I must say, that I got RT2 to run on a
linux box with RH 7.3. But now I play with a real box and solaris, so the
configuration was… aeh… different. But finally it works, I got the
login screen, but after entering the right username/pw I got back to the
login screen. No(!) error message at all.

So I changed the mason source html file “/opt/rt2/WebRT/html/Elements”. In
this file you found the FORM elements and I replaced the word POST with
GET, so all form parameter are transfered via the URI. After restarting
apache the login was successfull.

Is this a known bug/feature? Is there a solution for this?

I’m using

  • apache 1.3.26
  • mod_perl 1.27
  • Solaris 8
  • Perl 5.6.1

So long… Erik Wasser