Can't locate object method "CombineSearchAndCount"

Hi All,

Attempted to upgrade from RT 5.0.2 to 5.0.4. No issues show during upgrade steps, but after upgrading, when attempting to load the web interface, no tickets will load, and the page says to look at the rt.log. Upon reviewing the log, the below was the output. Be aware that /opt/rt5 is symlinked to /opt/rt-5.0.2, as the previous person that installed it, didn’t setup the directory well. In the end I had to revert to a backup of 5.0.2 to get the UI to load properly. Any ideas what may be the issue?

[12731] [Thu Aug 24 01:26:55 2023] [error]: Can’t locate object method “CombineSearchAndCount” via package “RT::Tickets” at /opt/rt-5.0.2/share/html/Elements/ShowSearch line 213.

[/opt/rt-5.0.2/share/html/autohandler:53] (/opt/rt-5.0.2/sbin/…/lib/RT/Interface/Web/

What version of DBIx::SearchBuilder do you have? A quick look at the RT github searching for “CombineSearchAndCount” includes this result:

make testdeps says I have 1.76:
DBIx::SearchBuilder >= 1.76 … ok (1.76)

I know this is going to sound weird, but are you sure that’s the DBIx::SearchBuilder that the running RT is using? Some distributions do have a habit of having separate Perl libraries for the different users, so what you see running make testdeps as root might not be what you get running it as another user, nor what the code running under the web server is seeing. Worth having a sniff around just to check, especially as you say the RT 5.0.2 was set up oddly by the previous person.