Can't call method "Subject" on an undefined value (latest CVS version)



I am using the bleeding edge version of RT checked out from CVS today, and
managed to get it set up and running. When a user sends RT an email, the
request is properly created, and the user receives a autoreply. When I
respond, via the web, the response is also emailed. The problem is that I’m
not able to get some of the scrips to run on other conditions.

For example, I have RT set to NotifyRequestor with template Resolved on
resolution. However, this doesn’t work – in the log file, it says:

now requiring RT::Condition::StatusChange
RT::Transaction=HASH(0x9150260): Checking RT::Scrip=HASH(0x996ca18) 6
(ScripScope: 8)
now requiring RT::Action::Notify
now requiring RT::Condition::AnyTransaction
RT::Transaction=HASH(0x9150260): Checking RT::Scrip=HASH(0x9971a7c) 2
(ScripScope: 9)
now requiring RT::Action::Notify
Can’t call method “Subject” on an undefined value at (eval 63) line 1,
line 138.
Can’t call method “Content” on an undefined value at (eval 66) line 1,
line 138.

I realize this is the bleeding edge and things are bound not to work. I’ve
been able to resolve most of my problems, but this one I just can’t figure

Any suggestions/ideas ?