CanonicalizeEmailAddress question

We’re using the CanonicalizeEmailAddress config options to deal with
making sure is the same as It works great, especially because nobody was ever
supposed to create an email account as
and not create an equivalent one as

Of course now someone in another unit has done that, and there is no
matching account. This goes against our own best
practices, but there is nothing I can do about it right now. As a
result, RT can not email because RT
keeps forcing the address to be which does not exist.

I tried manually changing the account for that user to use the real
address, but CanonicalizeEmailAddress keeps kicking in and changing it.

Any suggestions on how to work around it for this one email address? I
wonder if I was to manually change the address in the database if that
would help. I just do not want to mess with the database by hand…