Cannot send reply from one queue to another queue email

Case :
We have two separate queues for two different departments, let’s say IT and Accounting.
Accounting has a computer problem and opens a ticket to IT queue via email. We reply to the ticket from the web interface and problem is resolved.

Issue :
When we reply or resolve the ticket, RT does not include the accounting email address in the recipients, because it exists in the $RTAddressRegexp configuration value.

As a workaround i can remove it from $RTAddressRegexp and filter the emails using mailbox rules but it still feels dangerous.

I there any other way to be able to reply to another queue’s email address ?

That’s pretty dangerous as a mail loop is easily possible. Is there a reason you want the RT to receive the email and not just the requestor?

The root cause of the problem is that the accounting department is using the departmental email address ( to open tickets in IT queue. The same departmental email address ( is the accounting queue’s email address.

So to answer your question, in our case the requestor is the same with RT

Gotcha, I believe by default if you can get the accounting users to use the “create linked ticket” button to create the IT ticket in the UI then the user creating the ticket will automatically be set as the requestor

Using only the UI to create tickets is not our best option, I finally decided to create a rule that moves all emails containing “X-RT” in their header to another folder so that RT never gets to process a mail that came from itself. I am on thin glass here but i think it will work.