Cannot find the current requestor from the database


I’m trying to fetch some values from the RT database. Everything else has
succeeded, but I’m having troubles with the following scenario:

User is about to create a new ticket. He changes the requestor field value
from his own email address to someone else’s. A new ticket is created.

Normally a new transaction is logged as follows when adding a new requestor:
| id | ObjectId | TimeTaken | Type | Field | OldValue |
NewValue | Data | Creator | Created | ObjectType | ReferenceType
| OldReference | NewReference |
| 1559154 | 99020 | 0 | AddWatcher | Requestor | NULL |
443887 | NULL | 386559 | 2008-12-12 11:53:25 | RT::Ticket | NULL

But in that case (when creating the ticket) no such record is made.

So, the question is: where to find the current requestor value in those
cases? I’ve browsed through Transactions, Tickets etc. tables without
success. RT seems to be able to find it, so it must be somewhere… :slight_smile:

Your help is much appriciated.

Best regards,
Samuli Vainio