Cannot find the "Create Linked Ticket" button in RT5

Hello, we are testing the rt5.0.2 version with Assets enabled.
In SelfService menu, we would like to provide the choice to our users to Create a Linked Ticket.
It was obvious in rt4.4.4.
However, now the only visible button is “Bulk update”. (Btw, how to disable the appearance of “Bulk Update” in SelfService?)
So, please, where can I find the “Create Linked Ticket” button in SelfService of rt5.0.2?
Is it a Group rights issue?

I suspect our discussion over in this thread might be pertinent to this. I think there might have been a bit of code left from the old 4.x way of doing things before menu building was moved into its own library which needs to be tweaked to get your Create Linked Ticket action to appear.

Maybe. :slight_smile: