Cannot creat articles with content

Hello, folks.

I am running RT 4.2.6 under FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE, with perl5 5.16.3_11
and apache22 2.2.27_6 and I am trying to create articles either from a
ticket (Display ticket → Actions → Extract Article) or directly with a
new article (Articles → Create), and I am not having much luck.

I have read
Customizing/Articles introduction - RT 4.2.17 Documentation - Best Practical
but did not find anything to help me.

When I try to extract an article from a ticket, and select the Class and
the topic, the page called ‘Extract article from ticket ## into class
foo’, the drop down boxes on each field only has one value of ‘-’. When
I click on ‘Create’, it will create an article without any content, but
the rest of the fields (Basics, Links, Topics) will have values.

When I create a new article from scratch via Articles → Create → Chose
Topic, the form which comes up
( has editable
fields under Basics, Links, and Topics, but not Content.

I have debugging enabled, and I see no errors in the log during this

Any pointers on where to look? I have no extensions dealing with
articles installed.



Hi Don,

I have seen that happen when the user does not have the appropriate rights
to the custom field that is to hold the article content. Check those ACLs
in the RTFM configuration area.