Cannot comment on a ticket via email

Hi All,

Sorry for the long post.

We have a strange problem. One ticket allows comments to be recorded
via web, correspondence added via web and email, but comments are NOT
recorded via email. This happens with only ticket no. 11273 (is that
some sort of magic number? :slight_smile:

When I send a mail to the comment email address, I get a message back,
saying, in subject, “Comment not recorded” and in body, “The comment
has been recorded”. :slight_smile:

I am at my wit’s end. RT is 2.0.15, RHDB 2.1 (Postgres 7.2.3). I
had done a vacuum analyse just before, and an index corrpution for
pg_statistic_relid_att_index had occured (which I think is a known
bug in Postgres’ vacuumdb, considering the number of google hits I got).
I had to drop and recreate that particular index.

This is logged in rt.log8 (for every comment mail to that ticket):

[Fri May 9 10:44:01 2003] [warning]: RT::User=HASH(0x88254a0)->HasQueueRight
Couldn’t find a queue id at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/
RT/ line 715

RT::User::HasQueueRight(‘RT::User=HASH(0x88254a0)’, ‘Right’,
‘ShowTicket’, ‘TicketObj’, ‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88a22ac)’) called at
/home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 238

‘Right’, ‘ShowTicket’, ‘TicketObj’, ‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88a22ac)’)
called at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 777

‘ShowTicket’) called at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 754

RT::Transaction::_Value(‘RT::Transaction=HASH(0x88211ec)’, ‘Field’)
called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/DBIx/SearchBuilder/
line 404

called at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/Condition/ line 21

called at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 175

called at /home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 275

RT::Scrip::IsApplicable(‘RT::Scrip=HASH(0x882a24c)’) called at
/home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 159 eval {…} called at
/home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 146

RT::Transaction::Create(‘RT::Transaction=HASH(0x8815174)’, ‘Ticket’,
11273, ‘TimeTaken’, 0, ‘Type’, ‘Comment’, ‘Data’, …) called at
/home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 2773

RT::ticket::_NewTransaction(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88052a8)’, ‘Type’,
‘Comment’, ‘Data’, ‘RE: [ #11273] [Comment] FW: Launch
of Project Pr…’, ‘TimeTaken’, 0, ‘MIMEObj’, …) called at
/home/rt2/igmg/lib/RT/ line 1689

RT::ticket::Comment(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88052a8)’, ‘MIMEObj’,
‘MIME::Entity=HASH(0x87fbe64)’) called at /etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate line