Cannot add asset link from Incident Ticket

Hello all,

I’m a beginner with RT and we are now experimenting RT::IR Module.

I’m getting stucked with the “Add Asset” widget within RTIR.

In the Incident ticket, I’ve added the widget to link directly an asset to the current ticket.
When I link the ticket to an existing asset, the POST request is sent to Ticket/Display.html… but as it is an Incident ticket, the request is automatically redirected to RTIR/Incident/Display.html…

If I do the same thing from a Ticket in a “default” queue (within RT and not RTIR), it works fine.
I only got the problem in RTIR.

What should I do to get the widget works with an Incident Ticket (RTIR)?

If someone has already had this problem and solved it it would save me !!

Thanks in advance.


Finally, I found a solution.

At the beginning of this file : /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-IR/html/Callbacks/RTIR/Ticket/Display.html/Initial
there is a return if ARGSRef NoRedirect is found.

So, I’ve updated this file : /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-IR/html/RTIR/Elements/ShowAssets and I changed the URL found for DeleteLink and for the form Action with adding “NoRedirect=1” after “Display.html?” .

Now, I can link an asset to an Incident Ticket and delete it with the X on the top-right corner.

Hope this could help someone else.