Can my MTA Strip off all the replies?

Okay… here’s my next question.

My users like to use the email facility to reply to tickets but their
reply always contains the rest of the ticket’s replies because they just
hit reply in Outlook.

I use Exim as my MTA - is there a way in Exim or RT to strip off all the
’Original Message’ information when the data gets put in the ticket, so
I just have their reply, rather than all the old information?

Know what I’m getting at? Kinda hard to explain!


Though I could tell you how to pull off something like that in Sendmail
(and maybe Postfix), I don’t know about Exim. You’re really way out of
RT territory with this one and well into Exim content filtering, which
you’d probably get better help with among Exim experts.

Stevo wrote: