Can CustomFieldGroupings be specified by queue?

The documentation for Custom Field Groupings says

A nested datastructure defines how to group together custom fields under a mix of built-in and arbitrary headings (“groupings”).

Set %CustomFieldGroupings to a nested structure similar to the following:

    'RT::Ticket' => [
        'Grouping Name'     => ['CF Name', 'Another CF'],
        'Another Grouping'  => ['Some CF'],
        'Dates'             => ['Shipped date'],
    'RT::User' => [
        'Phones' => ['Fax number'],

The first level keys are record types for which CFs may be used, and the values are either hashrefs or arrayrefs – if arrayrefs, then the ordering is preserved during display, otherwise groupings are displayed alphabetically. The second level keys are the grouping names and the values are array refs containing a list of CF names.

I don’t see any provision for limiting CustomFieldGroupings by queue under RT::Ticket – which is unfortunate, because custom fields themselves can be limited by queue… in certain cases, for instance between our Support and Bugs queues, I’d like to group fields differently.