Caching of SelectQueue Component?

I’ve just noticed that the list of queues in the ‘new ticket in’ section at
the top seems to be cached in a way that other queue listings are not.

I have a shell script running in the background creating a bunch of new
queues. I noticed that when I reload the RT home page, the queue listing in
’Quick ticket creation’ is update with the most recent queues created by my
shell script, whereas the queue listing in ‘new ticket in’ is not updated.

If I log out & back in, then the ‘new ticket in’ list is then up to date.
So it looks as though the ‘new ticket in’ list is being cached.

My question is - is that true, and what is the mechanism for doing the caching?

This is RT 3.4.2, mysql, Opera & IE browsers.


Stephen Turner
Senior Programmer/Analyst - Client Support Services
MIT Information Services and Technology (IS&T)

The “New Ticket In” box uses /Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue which
creates a session variable ‘create_in_queues’ that stores an array of
queues the user can create tickets in.

As with all session variables it can be accessed with

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington

Stephen Turner wrote: