Caching and MasonHandler


We run:


Apache 2.0.48

Fastcgi 2.4.2


We have some performance problems and were told to start masons internal
caching. Is there someone who has done this? And how can we turn on this

I hope someone can get me some hints because I have no experience with
mason and fastcgi.

Hilde Therese

Use mason docs. There is hole chapter about perfomance.

  1. Cache.

  2. Static code. Mason check ctime for each file each, but don’t forget
    clean obj cache after changes in files.

  3. If you use mp1 then you could change args parsing from CGI to
    Apache::Request(faster, ~3 times). Beau E. Cox does you can try it
    under mp2.

     	Good luck.

Hilde Therese Lauvset wrote: