Bugzilla integration

Hi all!

I just introduced rt3 at our company, which is much better than the crap
system we used before. I even wrote a small script to create tickets
from the old system (very rudimentary tickets, but anyway).

Now, we are also using bugzilla, and support requests are commonly
connected with bugzilla bugs. I am just wondering if there is any
integration with bugzilla.

I am thinking of scrapping bugzilla completely, because rt3 has much
better web/email integration and security management, which means
somehow move 850 bugs from bugzilla to rt3. I guess it would be quite
easy to do using perl and SQL. Have anyone attempted to do this? Can I
make clever use of custom fields somehow (filling in the ?s below)? We
are not using many of the “advanced” features of bugzilla, so it should
be a fairly nice mapping between the two (showing the bugzilla features
we use):

bugzilla rt3
summary subject
product queue
component ?
comment comment
keywords ? (we actually only use them for time estimates)
status status
resolution status
severity ? (we only use normal and enhancement)
priority priority
hardware/os ?
owner owner
reporter requestor
cc cc
attachment attachment
depends on depends on

I am not foreign to hacking perl/sql/php code and I’ll be glad to give
the results of my efforts back to the community.

Another solution (instead of migrating the bugs) would be to simulate
rt3 queues (possibly read only) from the bugzilla database, by writing
some sort of wrappers.

Comments, anyone?



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