Bug when unprivileged user creates Custom Field


I encountered a bug in creating a new custom field. Couldn’t find a reference
to this in the list archive or in the FAQ.

As a user who did not have the AdminCustomFields privilege, I went to
Global->Custom Fields->New Custom Field. I got the “Create a custom
field which applies to all queues”. So far so good.

I completed the form and hit Submit. What I then got was a message with red
background saying “RT Error Could not create customfield”. Interestingly,
the page, including the left-side nav bar and the top, dark-blue "RT for XXX"
line was repeated, or nested, within the main white-background area where you
would expect to see content. Something like this:

  N         HEADER
  A      N
  V      A   Error message
  B      V
  A      B
  R      A

After granting AdminCustomFields to this user, the custom field could be
as expected.

So, a “permission denied” message might perhaps be better than the
cryptic “Could not create customfield” - and the whole page shouldn’t be
repeated within itself.