BUG: Mandatory Custom Fields in RT 3.6.3 doesn't work inall cases

Yes, the above are obvious conclusions and common knowledge. However,
regards to the third item above, if a person works on the ticket and
does not set any of the custom fields using the Basics or Jumbo menu
selection, Request Tracker does not force the user to select a value
a custom field which was designated as mandatory. They can select and
custom fields, and update the page, but if they do not set the
custom field, RT just ignores that a field is mandatory and allows the
to be updated. However, if a person does set a mandatory field and
to set it back to “(none)” in a pick list or delete the contents of
field, then RT forces the person to enter a value in the field; again
using the Basic or Jumbo menu selection.

Yes I have been having problems with Mandatory Custom Fields too. I can
confirm I see the same behavior you are seeing with RT not forcing
someone to choose a field on updating - and then forcing them if they
did previously make a selection.

Major issue I have found is if the user is privileged and they create a
ticket with a Custom Field its not 100% certain it will be saved, seems
to run 60% for Mandatory fields and 80% for regular fields when using
’Select One’ as the type. The SelfService works 100% of the time, so
low level users get good results, Admins get lost data (unless they
manually go to they SelfService URL) Same situation when altering the
field, from one value to another, sometimes it doesn’t change.

Anyway ideas would be most welcome.

Sadly all I can offer is the SelfService suggestion, I altered the Tabs
on the left to show a link to SelfService for privileged users.

  • Scott