Bug in rtadmin 2.0.14

First off, I hope this is the right place to submit a bug. If not, I
apologise, and hope that someone will tell me the right place to submit

I’ve found a behavior in rtadmin which I would consider to be a bug.

Let’s say that I’ve created three queues; a-queue, b-queue and c-queue.
I’ve added the template myCorrespondance to each of them, each named the
same, and each slightly different (overriding the Subject line). Using
the web interface, if I selected the template myCorrespondance from the
dropdown list, I know that I’d be getting the right template for the
right queue.

However, if I use rtadmin, and do something like:

rtadmin --queue a-queue --create-scrip --scrip-condition OnCorrespond
–scrip-action NotifyAllWatchers -scrip-template myCorrespondance

rtadmin --queue b-queue --create-scrip --scrip-condition OnCorrespond
–scrip-action NotifyAllWatchers -scrip-template myCorrespondance

rtadmin --queue c-queue --create-scrip --scrip-condition OnCorrespond
–scrip-action NotifyAllWatchers -scrip-template myCorrespondance

I would expect rtadmin to be as smart as the web interface, and assign
the correct myCorrespondance template by looking at what’s set for

Instead it just looks up the first occurance of myCorrespondance in the
Templates table, and uses that one.

I know that I would not have run into this if I had named the templates
all differently in each queue, but then, if this is an issue perhaps RT
should not allow templates to have the same name as others.


(CC on replies please - am only on rt-users list)
Jeremy Doran