Bug in Queue_Overlay.pm (3.0.2pre6)

There was a typo in the ACL check for modifying queue watchers - here’s
a patch:

— Queue_Overlay.pm.orig Wed Jun 4 09:15:06 2003
+++ Queue_Overlay.pm Wed Jun 4 09:15:13 2003
@@ -558,7 +558,7 @@
# and the current user doesn’t have ‘ModifyTicket’
# bail
else {

  •    unless ( $self->CurrentUserHasRight('ModifyQueueWatcher') ) {
  •    unless ( $self->CurrentUserHasRight('ModifyQueueWatchers') ) {
           return ( 0, $self->loc("Permission Denied") );

I think I’ve seen one or two other reports like this where the Right
name has a typo. It might be useful to issue a pre-query before the
’honkin-big SQL query’ in Principal_Overlay::HasRight to check whether
the given Right is in ACL.RightName and issue an alert in the logs
indicating the nature of the internal error. It would probably be OK to
run that query once at startup time to populate a hash and then check
the hash in HasRight to improve performance.

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