Bug + fix against 2.0.13


Ive been hacking on RT for a few weeks now doing some
local site mods and its great, not my mods, RT ! :slight_smile:

Last Friday we found a bug in the Bulk ticket update
(/Search/Bulk.html). The first update works fine,
however subsequent updates (without leaving the Bulk
Ticket Update screen and returning) do not.

A Debug showed that the original value(s) for
$session{‘tickets’} were being kept for subsequent
submits to /Search/Bulk.html (seeing as it submits
to itself).

To Reproduce

  1. Send 100 tickets to general queue.
  2. Login as root.
  3. From [Home] click on general queue.
  4. Click on ‘Update all these tickets at once’.
  5. Change ‘Make status’ to resolved.
  6. Click Submit.
    The screen will show that 50 tickets have had their
    status changed from new to resolved by root. It will
    also display the next 50 tickets.
  7. Change ‘Make status’ to resolved again (as before)
  8. Click Submit.
    No grey dialog about ticket modifications will appear at
    the top of the screen as before - Debug will show that its
    picking up tickets from the original entry to this form
    and not the current one.


Ive made a fix and tested it however I’m far from Yoda in
the ways of RT :slight_smile: Its a one line fix to Bulk.html adding
a RedoSearch prior to checking Tickets - hopefully its the
right one, comments ?




The other way to fix it is to goto home again and then
back to /Search/Bulk.html after each Bulk update.