Broken link in dependencies?

I’ve used RTIR (RTIR 1.05/RT 3.0.11) to create my first independent job
with two dependents off it.

I get this error when I click the link for either the job that is
depended on or either of it’s dependents.

"Technical Error Description:

While trying to retrieve the Web Page:http://rt/Ticket/Display.html?,
the following error was encountered:

  * The DNS server returned: Name Error: The domain name does not

Looks like the page is broken somewhere.

In checking the source it reads:

  • 25: (Nobody) dependent1 [new]

    Not sure why its saying “WebBaseURL.not.configured” since I
    configured all files correctly as per the instructions.

    Is there something that is missing or that I need to double check?

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