Bounce messages back to senders, bounce using template?

We have an RT 4.4.1 instance here where the primary method of interaction is email. We have “dispatch” queues, where customers can email into the system & have their tickets created. The tickets are then moved to the “work queues” where employees can perform work. Daily, we have customers emailing the work queue addresses with new requests & each one generates an email to “root” that a ticket can’t be created.

Is there an extension/configuration/scrip I can use that will either:
-bounce the error message back to the sender versus root
-send a “your request cant be processed because…” template message to the user
-change the queue to a single known dispatch queue and permit the ticket to be created

I’m trying to get the department to move away from this model & just have the work queues but it’s being met with resistance. I need some way to help deal with these bounce messages automatically.

Is it possible for some people to email the work queues to create tickets? If not, what I’d do is set up the mailgate to have the --queue option be a dispatch queue even for the work queue email addresses. If RT finds a subject tag with a ticket id in the subject, it doesn’t care what the --queue option is set to, it will put the correspondence on the correct ticket. And then all emails without a subject tag will go in to the specified --queue.

That is a brilliant idea, and I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve got a lab version of our ticket system set up. I can test it out there before I deploy it but this is a drastically simpler solution than what I had in mind. Thank you!!