Bookmarked Tickets portlet not available in RT_at_a_glance


  • My problem in a nutshell:
    I do not see the Bookmarked Tickets portlet in my list of available
    portlets in the RT_at_a_glance configuration.

  • Background:
    We are migrating RT from 3.6.5 to 3.8.7. Both running on Centos 5.4.
    The new server is not yet in a production environment.
    I have rebuilt the entire system on a new more robust server and
    exported/imported/upgraded the database into a new mysql instance
    v5.0.77 (the version of mysql has not changed)
    The database export/import and schema update appear to have been
    I have installed several Extensions and Callbacks documented in the RT
    wiki including Colored Priorities, Rights Matrix,
    ExtractCustomFieldValues and CommandsByEmail.
    My RT user has superuser privileges.

  • I found this in
    "Bookmarked tickets: New in 3.8 (CHECKME) is a facility where you can
    bookmark any ticket while you’re looking at it, no matter its queue or
    owner, by clicking on an empty star (like the FireFox 3 bookmark star)
    in the top right corner of the page. Tickets you’ve bookmarked in this
    way will be displayed in this panel. "

  • Where I’ve looked to do the legwork:
    Google, the RT manual,, rt-users lists archive
    disambiguation of a ticket bookmark and a browser bookmark has made
    the search slow-going, but I haven’t seen any other user describe this
    problem. I’m sure this is somehow my fault, but I have run out of
    leads. Actually I haven’t found any leads for resolving this problem
    at all.

Can anyone kindly provide some breadcrumbs for me to follow? I suspect
I’m lacking the understanding of a fundamental concept. I look
forward to being fully embarrassed.

Thanks very much for your time.


Infrastructure Team | Emma®