Bookmark tickets not working

RT 3.8.3
MySQL 5.0.45
CentOS 5.2
perl 5.8.8

When I go to bookmark a ticket, I get the following in the RT log:
[debug]: Tried to load a bogus ticket id: ‘ARRAY(0xb2c5fe0)’

I do not get this on my dev instance with all the same local
customizations, so I don’t think this is the problem.I have poked around
to see if I can track this down, but I don’t seem to have anything that
SHOULD be affecting this.

The only difference between the two servers, that I can find, is the
version of mySQL: 5.0.45 on production, 5.0.22 on dev. Is this a likely
cause, or am I missing something?

Drew Barnes
Applications Analyst
Network Resources Department
Raymond Walters College
University of Cincinnati

Follow-up: Browser issue.
Camino does not work with Bookmarking. There is no option to turn on or
off, it just flat does not work. Safari 4 works sporadically, but I can
not consistently reproduce the issue to try and troubleshoot more.

Firefox 3.0.11 and 3.5 work fine on OS X and Win32.

Nothing to see here, just posting for list archive.

Drew Barnes wrote: