Bogus ticket after using Shredder

I have plenty of logs like this on my RT:

[76611] [Fri Mar 19 15:15:44 2021] [debug]: RT::Ticket=HASH(0xd58f9b0e628) tried to load a bogus ticket: 22 (/usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/RT/
[76611] [Fri Mar 19 15:15:44 2021] [debug]: RT::Ticket=HASH(0xd585c7d7c70) tried to load a bogus ticket: 1 (/usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/RT/
[76611] [Fri Mar 19 15:15:44 2021] [debug]: RT::Ticket=HASH(0xd58d9446f58) tried to load a bogus ticket: 16 (/usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/RT/

they are several and they all correspond to ticket numbers which refers to Shredded tickets. So they should have been pruned.
Is there a way to have RT forget completely about Shredded tickets ?
Overtime the shredded tickets will increase and these messages will too, also having RT look for shredded tickets seems to be a waste of time.

Thank you

Do you know when the bogus tickets are being referenced? Are users trying to go to some bogus tickets?

No really,
when I open the Incident Queue or Incident Reports queue, it then render the list of tickets in the web UI, and every time I do it, I got that warning in the logs like if RT is looking for tickets which do not exist anymore. I Was wondering where this info could be in the RT database

Which version of RT are you on? Are these shredded tickets perhaps listed in the Search->Tickets->Recently Viewed list?