Block sending automatic


Every time an email is sent to RT, a ticket is created and an automatic email is generated. How do I block sending automatic email for a particular User?

There is this default scrip in RT:

On Create Autoreply To Requestors

Is this particular user writing in and creating the ticket or are they a different role on the ticket?

It’s actually a specific email address. For example: always send an email to RT at

I wanted the automatic email (after the ticket was created) not to be sent to

Okay is the one creating the new ticket? Ie are they the requestor on the ticket or are they a watcher on the queue that the ticket is being created in?

Yes!! is the requestor on the ticket

Okay so the default scrip to handle replying to a requestor on ticket create is “On Create Autoreply To Requestors”. What you can do is either A). disable this scrip globally and create a new “On Create Autoreply To Requestors” scrip that takes into account not replying to

Or B). if this is only for one queue you can keep the global scrip and create a scrip of the same name for the queue this applies to and then handle the logic for not auto-replying when creates a ticket.

Do you have any idea how to do this script?

If you want to block all email from RT to a particular user, simply
unset the email address for that user.

how to do?
What’s the procedure?

If that solution works then it will be simpler to implement compared to making a new scrip.

Unsetting the email can be done in the web GUI (Admin -> Users -> Select)

I followed this path and did not find anything related to deactivating emails

Delete the contents of the email address field. The username field may
look like an email address, but this field should be left unchanged.

Just remove the mail address from the mail field

I have removed mail the username field, but even so when I send the email to open a ticket, an automatic reply email is sent to the requester.

I’m looking at this link here … anyone already know?

No, not the username field: the mail field.

send me a print of mail field, please!

It’s the second one in the image you sent

Nice, it worked. Thank you all!!