Blank Navigation Bar

Hi :slight_smile:

Inside one of our rt test servers, The top menu with ‘home’, ‘search’, ‘articles’, ‘assets’, ‘admin’, etc. is completely blanks.

I read that it could be a Admin ACL Permission issue.
So I accessed the url ‘/Admin/Global/GroupRights.html’
I enabled all the rights for admin and super groups.

And the menu is still blank, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:

Are you nerfing your menus with with a localtabs callback in local?

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If I add to the hostname /Admin/Global/UserRights.html, etc
The page opens, the menu is simply not showing

yes so are you nerfing the menus by something in your local customisations

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I’m not understanding what you mean by nerfing.

If i go in dev. mode on chrome, it looks like the menu is there


Modifications in the Local folder override anything in the share folder. Have you go some local change that hides the menus? Quickest and dirtiest way of checking (assuming this is a dev box) is to rename local and clear the web and mason caches. Restart RT and see if they are back

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the alternative is have you got some chrome extension thats causing the problem

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I’d also try a hard refresh to clear your browser cache in case some JS or something cached in browser is messing with RT

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The issue was on couple different computers.

The issue got fixed when i just rebooted the server 0.o
now the menu is showing :slight_smile: