Blacklist email address from triggering On Create > Autoreply To Requesters

Hey, we have a queue that has a trigger On Create > Autoreply to Requesters and we need to blacklist an email address from triggering this scrip.

The use case is, we have a team that has Voicemail to Email enabled and they’ve elected to have their RT Queue as the email address an unanswered call(voicemail) is emailed to. Problem is, they’re getting a bounce back from the mailbox as the voicemail email isn’t a real mailbox.

Is there a way to create a condition to exclude this email address from triggering the scrip?

Does that make sense?

Given that you don’t mind the tickets being created the easiest way would be to edit the voicemail account to have the pseudo-email address as the name and clean out the email address. Then RT can match the userid on Create but not have an address to send the reply to.

ah, I did initially think to do that but my boss suggested a custom condition and that let me down a different path, your suggestion makes a lot of sense!

If you need the email address in place there are several other ways.

  • Use a custom action for scrip “OnCreate” an insert a condition to “Custom preparation code”
  • Supress the sending to voicemail’s address in the MTA (Outgoing filter)
  • Supress the delivery of NDRs from the voicemail’s MTA


This helped me on a similar case that I had,