Binary Attachments - conversion from rt2 to rt3


    I am a newcomer to RT, and I have been tasked with upgrading the existing RT2 install to RT3. 

    Installation of the new code was fine, and I am now attempting to migrate the data from the rt2 database. I used the rt-2.0-to-dumpfile script to extract the data into a directory and then attempted to load it into the rt3 database with rt-2.0-to-dumpfile (I downloaded the latest versions from ). 

    My problem is that the attachments to many of the tickets are things like Zip files and Word documents - this is obvious in the guts of the Attachment structure :
    'ContentType' => 'application/msword', 

     The Content element of the Attachment hash contains the binary data corresponding to the ContentType :

     'Content' => 'Ã~PÃ~O^QÃ

      I am confused by the fact that the schema has this field as 'longtext' : surely 'BLOB' is more appropriate, or am I missing something ? Is there some form of manipulation in rt2 to store and retrieve the data as 'longtext' ?  

       I'll continue trying to find the best way to get around this issue, but I would appreciate any input you guys can give me. I did search the list, but the sole entry relating to binary attachments in rt2 was by someone wanting to convert the data to Oracle - my problem is not quite so Herculean.

Thanks in advance,


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