Beware the Ides of March, but not the release of RT 2.0.12

I’ll be making the “public” announcement of RT 2.0.12 tomorrow,
complete with easily readable changelog and freshmeat notification. However,
for your reading pleasure, I present below the “draft” changelog (which is
just a summarization of the existing CVS changelog). RT 2.0.12 is identical
to 2.0.12pre6, which was released last week.

You can pick up this new release at:

Jesse Vincent

DRAFT RT 2.0.12 Changelog.

2002-03-06 18:57 jesse

* lib/RT/
Added an update that will make dates changed as parts of transaction updates show up in local time

2002-03-06 18:56 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:
Added a note to the queue creation screen about defaults.

2002-03-01 01:41 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:
This patch fixes a small problem with printing a message.It checks if themessage is true, not if it has length, so a message containing 0 will notbe printed.  From Blair Zajac <>

2002-03-01 01:39 jesse

* bin/rt:
Added brandon's patch to allow searching for tickets by keyword on the commandline

2002-02-28 02:03 jesse

* bin/rt:
RT-Ticket: 1258
Removed a line that make --limit-priority and --limit-final-priority not

2002-02-28 01:49 jesse

* lib/RT/Action/:,
RT-Ticket: 1196

2002-02-28 01:38 jesse

* lib/RT/Interface/
RT-Ticket: 1246

2002-02-28 01:38 jesse

* tools/testdeps:
Added a couple explicit dependencies to testdeps that should have been there
forever ago. you'll only run into this if your cpan doesn't do recursive deps.

2002-02-20 20:45 jesse

* Makefile, lib/RT/Interface/, webrt/Admin/Users/index.html, webrt/Ticket/Update.html:

Bumped the version to 2.0.12-pre5.
Web: Fixed a typo in user administration that prevented user listing
Web: fixed recieve to receive in ticket/update

2002-02-19 03:23 jesse

* lib/RT/
Fixed a typo. (Added a missing ;)

2002-02-18 18:35 jesse

* lib/RT/Condition/
RT-Ticket: 1194
cleaned up a reference to "ApplicableTypes", a nonexistent parameter to Condition->new

2002-02-18 18:30 jesse

* webrt/Elements/Login:
RT-Ticket: 1226
Added an explicit reset of the content-type to 'text/html' when displaying hte login page

2002-02-18 18:25 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Users/index.html:
rt-ticket: 1190
Modified administrative userlist to make it easier to click on users who have no Name attribute defined

2002-02-18 18:18 jesse

* webrt/: Elements/Header, SelfService/Elements/Header:
rt-ticket: 1176
Applied tom's patch which hides the preferences link if the user doesn't have the right to "modify self"

2002-02-18 18:14 jesse

* lib/RT/Interface/
RT-Ticket: 1165
exporting the ParseAddressFromHeader subroutine so others can play with it

2002-02-18 18:06 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Update.html:
Removed  a bogus font tag from the Ticket update screen

2002-02-18 18:00 jesse

  • lib/RT/Interface/, webrt/Search/Listing.html:
    RT-Ticket: 1243
    Switched the web frontend to use an in-core scalar for uploaded attachment content,
    rather than a tempfile which wasn’t getting cleaned up properly

2002-02-18 16:53 jesse

* webrt/Search/Listing.html:
RT-Ticket: 1245
Rt-status: resolved

Applied a patch to nuke duplicate restrictions in the webui.

2002-02-18 16:47 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Groups/Members.html:
RT-Ticket: 1421
RT-Status: resolved

moved a label inside a loop to make the ui easier to understand

2002-02-18 16:36 jesse

* etc/
Set Default for UseFriendlyToLines to 0 by default, to deal with users running
redhat who have trouble configuring RT.

2002-02-18 16:31 jesse

* Makefile, lib/RT/, tools/insertdata:
Edited insertdata to insert scrips by default, so that users don't need
to go through the configuration task themselves.
Change the Makefile's WEB_GROUP to www by default for redhat and OSX.
Correced docs for lib/RT/Scrip new() method

2002-02-08 01:23 jesse

* webrt/SelfService/Display.html:
cleanup to "last trans" in SelfService

2002-02-08 00:53 jesse

* lib/RT/Interface/
Generalized "Abort" function to allow other non-html error messages with proper handlers

2002-02-08 00:49 jesse

* etc/: schema.Pg, schema.mysql: 
removed duplicate indices

2002-02-07 16:41 jesse

* etc/
Added some docs to the config file from Rich Lafferty

2002-02-04 12:37 jesse

* lib/RT/
Output template content to core rather than disk when parsing.

2002-01-28 00:59 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory:

Closing the #lasttrans anchor

2002-01-28 00:57 jesse

* lib/RT/
RT-Ticket: 1156

2002-01-28 00:47 jesse

* bin/mason_handler.fcgi:
Small fix to the fastcgi handler to make attachment display work better, thanks to rich lafferty.

2002-01-28 00:47 jesse

* etc/

Removed some extraneous slashes from the config file.

2002-01-28 00:46 jesse

Clarified some readme stuff

2002-01-24 13:30 jesse

* lib/RT/

RT-Ticket: 1201
Better transaction display for "text" and "message" parts.

2002-01-24 13:00 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:
RT-Ticket: 1166
Implemented better URL regexp matching.

2002-01-24 10:39 jesse

* bin/rt-mailgate:
Fixed a typo in a debug message in rt-mailgate

2002-01-24 10:34 jesse

* lib/RT/
Switched from bogus mime parsing to using MIME::Parser like we should have from the get-go.

2002-01-24 10:28 jesse

* lib/RT/
Added a check to LoadByCols which causes postgres mode to not try to lookup lc(undef)

2002-01-24 10:23 jesse

* webrt/NoAuth/webrt.css:
Added a new style to the stylesheet to support some new reports

2002-01-24 10:21 jesse

* lib/RT/Interface/
mail gateway now unfolds long headers on parse.

2002-01-11 15:20 jesse

* Makefile, lib/RT/
RT-Ticket: 950
Aoolyed the recommended patch to make blank bodies not get mailed in lieu of the real message

2002-01-11 01:17 jesse

* bin/rt-mailgate:
Added a new flag to rt-mailgate to enable setting the owner of new tickets based on +extension

2002-01-11 01:13 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/: Modify.html, ModifyAll.html:
Adding a couple ACL checks to better deal with moving tickets to queues the user can't see

2002-01-11 01:11 jesse

* webrt/Admin/Queues/index.html:
Fixed typo in ACL check that resulted in "Create Queue" being more restrictive than it needed to be

2002-01-10 19:05 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Update.html:
Cleaned up the Ticekt Update ui some

2002-01-10 19:02 jesse

* lib/RT/:, Action/, Condition/
Cleanups to make Also-Cc and Also-Bcc go

2002-01-10 18:34 jesse

* lib/RT/
Changes to attachment to provide the header frobbing necessary to send mail to ccs and bccs

2002-01-10 18:32 jesse

* Makefile, README, lib/RT/, tools/insertdata, webrt/Ticket/Update.html, lib/RT/Action/
Work on "Explicit Cc" and "Explicit Bcc" for a client

2002-01-10 18:27 jesse

* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:
abstracting out a number to a named variable

2002-01-09 02:24 jesse

* webrt/Admin/: Groups/index.html, Keywords/index.html:
A couple tiny ui cleanups (removed some object ids from the UI where they were just being clutter – Trouble Ticketing. Free.