Better full text search engine for rt



Is anyone using some external full text search engine with rt but different than sphinx or mysql+fulltext indexes?

I was using sphinx and now switched to mysql+fulltext but both solutions are very slow and unreliable with 2.5 mln tickets (+ attachments). It takes few minutes for mysql+rt to return results for example.

Looking for better solutions. Any suggestions?


Hmm, mariadb (10.2) + sphinx (2.2.11) worked pretty good for me. Well the first run on each search was sometimes quite slow but it can be tuned with number of dedicated processors (cores). The more cores you give to RT the faster searching you have. Next running the same fulltext search was fast. It also depends on the database volume, mine was about 17GBs.

MariaDB on the same hardware is faster than Mysql.

But I think the ultimate solution of this is to migrate to PostgreSQL which I am trying right now and adding some cores to the machine. I’ll write some article to rt-wiki about it but it will take me some time due to vacancy.


My DB is a bit bigger - 234GB.

Does anyone have such big rt DB on postgresql and can confirm that fulltext search is fast there? And by fast I mean no more than 30s per query.


I’ve been thinking about using ElasticSearch with RT. Creating the indexes is pretty straight forward; I think the trick would access control.