Best way to get ticket content into resolved ticket (fwd)

Forgive my ignorance –

The code referenced in the wiki – how is that used in RT?
Added to the template ? Inserted into code on server?


Dave Dennis wrote:

Dear list,

I’m struggling to prevent this when resolving ticket, I have written a line of
comments then will close ticket. What always happens is, in the email sent to
the requestor, who is unpriviledged:
Priveleged user will see same message.

This transaction appears to have no content

This happens when scrip tries to


I read on the list, but this was RT2, no mention yet for RT3 that
"{$Transaction->Content()}" was not available at Ticket Resolution time.
Look into history: ‘comment’ and ‘set status resolve’ different
transactions. Understand?

Is that true? If so how is it possible to send the contents of a ticket into
the resolution to send to the requestor?
Use this template pease to insert last comment content.

I have checked permissions, Unpriviledged and Priviledged both have right to
ShowTicketComments .

Anyone see the mistake or have a suggestion how to proceed?